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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Velonotte Roma 2010 - We've done it!

It was a happy night let alone its magic and wonderful architecture. Rome was at its best and personally speaking some of us consider to be one of the most fantastic moments of our lives. And now some credits.
Special thanks to the De Sanctis family for their enormous help.
Very special thanks to Emanuela Barilla, Federica Patti, Barbara Bundone, the Nikitins and the Stolypins.
A warm grattitude goes to public services of Rome for their collaboration to Velonotte Roma, in particular, the collective of the Police of Rome, AMA Roma, ACEA as well as people at Italian Embassy in Russia, Istituto di Cultura Italiana a Mosca, National touristic committee ENIT, Municipality of Rome and Quartiere Eur.
And finally the authors of the Velonotte Roma 2010 would like to thank all of the participants for attention and careful driving.

You can visit picturesque foto reportage by Marusya at her gallery:

And see you soon in Moscow Velonight №4 and of course Moscow architecture biennale!
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