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Saturday, April 6, 2013

The #iVelonotte research trip No4 and Bike question in Istanbul city

Cetin Cetin Yurtsever, Can Elmas, Murat Suyabatmaz and Sergey Nikitin. Istanbul, Sultanahmet square

Back to Moscow after our 4th research trip to Istanbul. It was intense, hard and beautful.
We've tested the new extensions of the route in the Balat area. Now the route is almost ready!
* * *
Still searching for bike rentals solutions there - the guys from Prince islands refused to bring their vehicles to the city (too lazy they are). In city currently you can find around 70 bikes in rentals, we hope local cyclists, especially from will join with their extra bikes - sharing them with guests from other countries.
We went to Aydan Celik and Esra Ertan radio program about bikes on Acik Radyo!
Some pictures in their blog -

Aydan, Can, Esra and Sergey - at the Acik radyo

Sergey Nikitin with Tulin Ersoz and her fabulous young ladies at the Istanbul IBB Turizm Atelier