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Istanbul Velonotte 18-5-2013/ Стамбульская велоночь

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A Spring Velonotte in the glorious city of Istanbul also known as Constantinople, Konstaniye and Tsar'grad!
Amazing journey alongside the Magic shores of Bosphorus and Golden Horn. With world-leading historians to comment on the works and legacy of sultans, pirates and architects. On the night of 18-19 May 2013.

Directed by Sergey Nikitin and Velonotte/Moskultprog, it will feature comments by Ilbert Ortayli (Galatasaray university), Mikhail Meyer (Moscow state university), Philip Mansel (Society for Court studies)
& Andrew Saint (London Survey) and Owen Matthews.

Soundtrack will feature Ahmet Ertegun's Led Zeppelin, Gaya and of course Muslim Magomaev...

The ride is dedicated to poet Nazim Khikmet who shared his life between Turkey and Russia and died in Moscow in 1963.
Istanbul Velonotte research is supported by Turkish Embassy in Moscow, Higher school of economics, Russia’s leading university.
Registration, fee, meeting place and bike rental details in Istanbul - are already open on our new official page!
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Istanbul Velonotte in the stary Bosphorus sky/ InCubetto Design 2013