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Monday, June 10, 2013

London Velonotte (G)hosts: Sir Joseph Paxton

A genius gardener who created the Crystal Palace in Hyde Park for the World Exposition of 1851, the conceptual peak of Victorian times, exploding the size of a simple orangerie to a scale of an Egyptian pyramid! Paxton effectively gave birth to an ultramodern idea of architecture and space. The Crystal Palace is a bunch of ideas, really, each one of them more durable than the times that Paxton lived in. First, ecology: while building the Palace, Paxton conserved ancient trees of Hyde Park. Second, the status of glass and iron: glass can be prestigious. And third, numbers: positively shocking. The amount of visitors, the grandesse of orchestras and choirs. The Palace, unfortunately, is not with us anymore: first, it was moved from its original location in Hyde Park to Sydenham, then it was lost in the fire in 1936. But, thanks to Serpentine Gallery, we have the next best thing: Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto has built a temporary pavilion that recreates the experience of the Crystal Palace for the 21st Century. The spirit of construction is visible there.

London Velonotte (G)host: Sir Joseph Paxton
London Velonotte aka L'Albertina (G)host №1. By Dorfmeister
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