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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

London Velonotte (G)hosts: Prince-consort Albert

Drawn in Moscow by Dorfmeister for London Velonotte 2013
Alas, poor Albert! Prince-consort is severely underrecognized by public opinion and intellectuals alike. The political elite detested Prince Albert, because the German-born aristocrat tried too hard to win the hearts of the nation. In our eyes he was the Great Enabler. It is Albert who facilitated the founding of the first World Expo of 1851. And last but not least, London was cured from dirty water by Albert's sewage system, designed by Sir Joseph Bazalgette. And finally it is during Albert's reign the Metropolitan Railway was granted permission to build the first line of the tube. The Prince died young, in 1861, when he was only 42. 

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