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Friday, June 14, 2013

Velonotte (G)hosts: Charles Darwin and Giant Hogweed

Darwin and Giant Hogweed as drawn by Dorfmeister for Velonotte 2013
As a deeply religious man, Charles Darwin has set out to prove that every human descended from Adam - that is, all people of all races and countries had the same origin. Whilst traveling and experimenting, Darwin completely changed everyone's perception of the world we live in, proving that man is basically an animal. Still, his favorite species were worms: Darwin deeply admired the way their bodies were in complete accord with their lifestyle. London Velonotte will drive through Gower Street, where Darwin lived in what he dubbed "Macaw Cottage" - a house with an outlandishly bright and colorful interior, a Pre-Rafaelite painting in 3D. His neighbors were artists and intellectuals who defined Victorian London. Why the Giant Hogweed is featured in our picture, you ask? This deadly plant was also discovered in Victorian times, and, just like Velonotte, was imported from Russia. 

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